About Us

Welcome to Lisbon Green Tour®

The single means of transportation allowing you to drive comfortably through Lisbon with the same impact on the environment as if you would walk.

We offer:

  • differentiated tours – thematic or customised, fit to your desires and expectations, visiting only what you want to see.
  • autonomy – you may travel up to 60 km from Lisbon.
  • swift travelling – vehicles with support to navigation, allowing for alternative routes to be chosen in case of accident or traffic jams.
  • comfort – all vehicles have air conditioning and are ultra-quiet due to their electric engine.
  • connectivity – internet connection through free wi-fi offering the possibility of sharing your experiences in real time.
  • hassle-free – you may make reservations and payment online or on-board.
  • clarity and simplicity – the entire process is simple and effective, you know exactly what you are buying and what to expect.
  • reliability – the services hired are rendered despite of the weather conditions, except if otherwise requested by the customer, or if the customer will cancel them.

Lisbon Green Tour® offers private tours with tourism professionals, using cutting-edge electric vehicles, following routes and tours predefined or adjustable by the clients, through the most characteristic places and environments of Lisbon area.

With the creation of original programmes, that establish a bridge between demand and offer, we aim at showing the growing number of tourists vising the city, the most significant aspects of its culture, history, heritage and art, together with the most typical environments that compose the multifaceted reality of Lisbon and its surroundings.


Contributing to showing the tourists that visit the city and region of Lisbon, the most significant aspects of its culture, history, heritage and art, in its different forms and manifestations, together with the most typical environments that compose its multifaceted reality, through a distinctive and innovative offer, associating commitment and sustainability to high quality services as a competitive price, aiming at exceeding the visitors’ expectations.


To become a reference brand in the segment of private tours, always on the top of the recommendations of the Clients in social media and reference web pages. To transform the Clients in its major sales force.

The differentiating characteristics that drive us are:

  1. safety, comfort, and sustainability.
  2. strong concern with the environment, leading us to search for a sustainable solution, with a reduced contribution to the ecologic footprint of the tourists that travel with us.
  3. vehicles with internet connection by mobile hotspots (wi-fi) and tablets to be used by the Clients on-board, providing connectivity and sharing of experiences in real time.
  4. Concern with continuous improvement. Through client satisfaction questionnaires that will help us in collecting systematic feedback from the clients, at the end of each experience, we aim at continuously improving our services, satisfying the expressed needs.
  5. Computer systems aboard all vehicles, namely tracking devices, support to navigation and automatic payment, offering more comfort when travelling and paying.