Portugal is to host the spectacular tall ships race in July next year.img_999x556$2015_09_28_19_43_12_138039_im_635790664318507107

After the successful 2012 event, the tall ships race returns to Lisbon and between 22 and 25 July the cruise ship terminal in Lisbon will host more than 50 iconic sailing ships from around the world.

The event was announced on Monday at a ceremony on board the training ship Sagres which involved naval top brass, the Lisbon mayor, and various worthies.

Visitors will be able to climb on board to inspect some of the largest sailing ships in the world and around 1 million are expected.

The first leg of the tall ships race is from Antwerp to Lisbon and then, after a few days shore leave for the 3,500 young crew members, will head for Cadiz and then up to Coruña in north western Spain

This event marks the 60th anniversary of the first race when ships set sail from Torbay, Devon and sailed to Lisbon.

João Lúcio, President the Associação Portuguesa de Treino de Vela (APORVELA), said it had been “four years since the last race and Lisbon again is on the route of the tall ships race and welcomes the sailboats from around the world, as well as their crew.

“APORVELA will once again be responsible for organising things in Lisbon in order to strengthen the link of the Portuguese to the sea and to enable young people a unique opportunity to take part in the race and be part of this event. “

( font: official site : http://tallshipslisboa.com/en/the-tall-ships-races-return-to-lisbon/ )